Day 7 of The Idiot Proof Diet

Today is day 7 of 11 of my Idiot Proof diet diary.  To start reading  my journal from day 1, start here.  I have 4 days to go on the diet which you can purchase from: Calorie Shifting Diet.

As of today I have lost 5 pounds and still have 4 days to go so this is working well.

October 20, 2008


This isn’t a difficult diet to do and does really show results.  Any diet requires determination and discipline but I can see myself doing this diet again in the future.  I fully intend to do a second round after the upcoming 3 cheat days.

I was talking about the Idiot Proof diet to someone today who expressed concern for my moods due to the lack of carbs I’m eating and the fact that carbs create serotonin so being on a low carb diet can make moods plummet.  Through my research, nuts, turkey and some of the other foods listed on this diet help raise serotonin levels and such foods are in abundance, which is good news since it’s difficult enough to diet when you’re happy never mind induce depression!

Oh, by the way,…last night I had frozen yogurt and it was one of the best foodgasms I’ve had in AGES! That’s what happens when you don’t get any treats for a week, I suppose. Low fat frozen yogurt tastes like heaven! The next time I dare to eat a piece of bread or heaven forbid —a  potato chip I might just pee myself with excitement!

Food Stats for today:

Total calories:1465

% Carbs:27 %


%Fat:62 % (most of today’s fat came from nuts and eggs)

See you on Day 8: the Vegetable Day.

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